riddle wonder


the wind swirls around your hair

the stars swirl around your face

the earth spins around in space

and i cannot find my place


snowflake chrystals glitter

a masterpiece each one

melt at the tip of my finger

are created and die forever


since the day we met

i feel a love so free

like the sky so blue

blossoms bloom for you

your love for me has died

today i am falling around

let the wind take me away


i see you later, later


hey do you know the answer?

hey do you love this life?

hey can you tell who is breathing

inside and outside of you what's in the air?


the stars swirl around in space

the wind swirls around my hair

my life swirls around in place

and i cannot see my grace



water runs 


and i know how water runs, how it flows free

and i watch it wind its way, rushing by me

and i feel the raindrops splash and run down my face

and i think about your touch, your beauty and grace


and i always thought you'd be my love

but now my love is gone

cause life must go on 

there's always a song where water will run


and i know how water runs, flowing so free

and i hear the river song whisper to me

do what you want to do, that's what you say

so i found this river blue, that's where i will stay


and i don't know why you had to go

you did what you had to do

cause life must go on 

there's always a song where water will run


and i know how water runs, how it flows free

and i feel it cast its spell

rippling to me

rippling through me 

rippling to me




sweet one


sweet one, in the mist that you wake up

and you see the stars through the window

in the twilight so blue and bright

hold me tight, my true love


sweet pie, everytime you turn your eyes my way

there is magic all between us

in the twilight where we lie

i just feel alright


starlight, in the mist that you were born

you guide us through the dark night

in the twilight when you die

i just love your distant light


sunrise, the first golden ray reaches out

as a bird sings in the stillness

in the middle of the night we run

knowing we'll see you again, sunrise



my enlightenment


there is a place with endless space
in the sunshine and where the grass is high
and we are here, just you and i
we can take it slow and then we'll know
how beautiful it is to be underneath a tree all day long
and in the sunset i would like to stay
and i just move so free...

like the wind blowing through the fields
so beautiful to see in the evening time
look at the stars in the beautiful night
and the moonshine in the summertime
we stand under the dark night sky

and see a million stars that twinkle
for you and i and just for free

... just like the breeze blowing through the trees
i am here and there, and nowhere and everywhere
so free and wild, just me, myself & i and a firefly as time goes by

the wind circles around me

as i circle 'round the earth and i fall and i die
and i return to the stars and the sky where i come from
and i stroll through sunlight and the wind and the tall grass
under dark and light painted clouds
and i'm inside this masterpiece, so fulfilled and so free
and all my life is just a dream
like the fields swaying in the wind
and the fluffy white clouds and the birds on the wing

and there's nothing left to do but to smell the roses that bloom
in front of the light blue fluffy clouds that tower so high into the blue sky

and love means everything to me


words & music by Katy

Bild: Katy Sedna Mira